Something Childish yet Very Natural 

Was it by the way she laughed?

Or the way she made me laugh 
That her smile wouldn’t leave my mind 

Even in her absence 

All gloom and doom she made absent 

And by the way the wind blows softly 

Yet making waves build into storms at sea

With her innocent laughter

She ignited a myriad of sensation and emotion

None of which I could fathom 

It was not by the exotic splendour of our meetings 

Or the hysteric glamour of our conversations 

But by the simplicity of the small things

Those that bypass an unobservant eye 

Very childish 

Yet very natural 

Could even be classified as stupid 

But indeed very intellectual 

Those are the moments  

That in infinity and beyond 

I will never cease to cherish



Calm Me Down 

​Like feeble twig in a storm I shiver 

The wind devouring my skin, I can feel it to the liver 

So damn cold and alone 

Could you be my blanket

Could you surround my bones

When my soul feels exposed and naked 

Flesh that used to clothe it now dead leaving behind a zombie 

Fill that empty soul with your light 

Make it as bright as a full moon on a dark night 

Could you make me alive 

When I can’t feel my face 

Because The Weekend left me high from the party

I thought I was having fun 

But in real sense I was just trying to get away 

I can’t run though, I can’t escape 

Could you hide me under your wings 

If lay in pain and agony 

Promise not to take it away but just stay by my side

All along being my able guide 

While in my misery I slide and glide 

No strength, too weak 

And completely out of breath 

Could you fill my lungs

When my world is loud, could you make it quiet down 

When my head tightly held between my hands pounds, could you turn down all the sound 

When my demons scream and shout, could you please tame them down

When I lose my mind, could you make me sane again 

When I lose my purpose for life and despair, could you be my hope 

When I can’t think straight, could you draw the line for me 

When I panic and get restless, could you kindly calm me down 




I’m lying on our bed eyes staring at the ceiling

Sealing this feeling of an empty soul is what I’m trying

Trying so hard to lie to myself

Selfies of us though the only thing I see engraved on the ceiling like a painting

Painting drawn with the cupid’s arrow causing so much pain

Pain from the thorns on this bed left by the roses

Rose was your pet name since you were the flower of my heart

Hurt I am now because you didn’t just call me baby but carried me like one

One was the number I gave you because you were my only one
Music cannot whistle you away, because you were the rhythm of my heart

Poems cannot write you off, because for you I never stopped writing

Movies cannot move you away, because to me you had won an Oscar

Series cannot take you away, because we never got to the season finale

Liquor cannot make me forget you, because I still haven’t got over the hangover

Weed cannot weed you off my heart, because I’m still high from the love


The more I try

The more the memories make me cry

The more I feel the fire of our love that you forgot to put off

The more I feel every part of my heart reduced to ashes

The more I realize nothing else matters anymore

The more the dark gaping hole in my soul gets wider


I remember how love had made us so down to earth

That we took groundies at the beach

Looking at the sky above us

Making the stars form patterns of our names

And the clouds perfectly form the love sign

As the moonlight shone on our faces

Making them brighter than the sun

Those were the good times

Which I so badly wish I could rewind


I thought they were stupid to die for love

Though in poems I said for you I could die

I guess maybe you’ve already made me dye

My white soul to black

That soul once full of love that made me your fool

Now full of something that amounts to nothing


I will not lament anymore

I’ll wipe my tears and roll out of this bed

Put on my best outfit

Go out and party to celebrate us part

I don’t hope to forget though because in my mind you will never leave

I won’t look for something new because as they say, old is gold and you are my treasure

I won’t look for someone to replace you because your place will always be there in my heart


So as I hope to step out of that door and the first thing I see is you

Embrace you in my arms

And kiss you pretending it was just a terrible nightmare

Know that this emptiness is deeper than the sea floor

Wider than the vastness of the universe

Longer than the way to heaven

And only you can fill it

So come back to me dear

And make me whole again





Memories On Trial 

Thoughts of them thots 

On my mind like remember 

The ones that I devoured with my member

Each and everyone, I told was the one 

Squeezing the juice out of their souls 

That’s what kept my costume alive 

The first impression of class that I displayed to the world 

Little did they know twas just a mannequin inside hollow 

Thoughts haunting me like every damn day was Halloween 

Up and down,  cold and hot, sweat and blood 


I swear to God I have to stop 
Thots of them thoughts

Raping the remains of my innocence with the bittersweet pleasure 

Their caress like claws buried deep in my skin 

Skin to skin, breath to breath, soul to soul 

All in my head refusing to let go 

But in real sense on them I held on 

On and on and on 

To the rythm of the body motions 

Driving me to absolute insanity 

The mental painting all too vivid 


I swear to God I have to stop 
Clouding my head with their perfect bodies

The ones that I had already stripped long ago before they even came to sight 

Caressing on their skin every single cell 

Kissing, sucking and kissing again 

Thrusting deep then deeper each time 

As they cried and moaned in accord 

Fuelling me to go on and on and on 

All in my head 

As I sat there on the City Council benches 

One victim after the next 

She could be your sister or your girlfriend, maybe even your wife 

But I didn’t give a f***k

That’s a lie though because I did give a lot of f***ks 

And all I want is to be brutally honest 
I’m guilty 

Of the crimes my memories have committed 

Some as despicable as you can imagine 

Your sympathy I don’t deserve 

Use the hammer the judge shall sentence me with to break my every bone 

If that’s not enough then load your guns and punch a bullet hole on my every cell 

But just before my body is dumped in a dungeon cell

Torch my costume and burn my remains 

Every memory going up in the flames 

As they dance to the music of them thoughts and thots 

Moaning and crying for a last time 

Letting me go 

And then and only then shall I be completely free 

Of the memories that to me were second to nature 

The memories on trial 

@colloflow‘ 16



​Close your eyes  

What do you see? 

Are you really seeing when in that moment the purpose of them eyes is gone

You actually feel 

Feel a blank space filled with a reddish black 

Or is it a blackish red? 

Some call it darkness but in real sense 

Absence of light 
Close your ears 

What do you hear 

Are you really hearing when in that moment the purpose of them ears is gone

You actually feel 

Feel a blank space filled with the voice of the ocean 

Some call it silence but in real sense 

Absence of sound 
Now focus on something 

Something that shines a light admidist of it’s absence 

Something that sounds like your favorite song 

Something that remains when everything else is taken away 

Savour it’s warmth as it cuts through the darkness 

Painting a masterpiece of itself 

Letting itself heard without breaking the silence 

Is that your true purpose in life? 

If it is then seek it to the depths of the ocean and the vastness of the earth 

If it’s not then repeat the process above 

Maybe you’ll find that purpose 

Maybe you never will 

But never stop searching 

@colloflow 16

Not Over Yet

Conflicting emotions warring in her mind
Some with guns and others with clubs
Clearly one army was outnumbered and less equipped
But the battle was far from lost
Mediator long ago assassinated by her conscience
On the right shoulder an angel advocating for the right
While on the left a red-headed evil devil, hell bent to destroy what of her was left
Both captains of the two battalions in battle

It was a matter of life and death
Because on her left hand was a bottle of pills
Pills no longer able to peal the pain
However, on the right was a small old Gideons Bible
Scriptures which used to offer hope and solace now just plain old words
Not far away was a bottle of vodka whose role in this war hadn’t been established
But it made everything seem blurred and a little hazy

She was torn and hurt through and through
Betrayed by those she called friends
Abandoned by those she called home
While all her perceived soulmate aimed to do was mate then dump
So deeply depressed it’s like she was drowning in a bottomless pit
Every single attempt made to be free getting her even further south
That there seemed only one way to go north
To Heaven or Valhalla where pain and sorrow was extinct
The right was eventually losing the war
All hope lost with every tick of the clock

At the end of the tunnel the light was replaced by a darkness so bright
Making it’s presence felt in her already dark soul
Soul enveloped and in all the evil the world could offer
For free yet with her very own soul as the price to pay
While the melodies of loneliness were on replay in her head
As her demons danced to the tune
They all knew this was her last dance
But suddenly a different tone was ringing
That of her phone indicating someone was calling

Who could it be?
Was it the collector of souls or the giver of life?
Or could it be her knight in shining amor or another of them stalkers?
She didn’t know
She didn’t have the time to find out
But she did pick up the damn phone
Smashing it in the wall with so much intensity that it broke to a million atoms
Then she stormed out of her small house
Cold air bitting her skin and blowing her hair
And in that moment
It didn’t matter who won the war
But her life would never be the same again


As You Are

Who are You?
A name masking a myriad of persona
Personalities which none you own
A fragile soul safely hidden within a body
Like a rich man’s treasure inside a safe
Lost inside the desires of the flesh
Trying so hard to find it’s true purpose
Yet the possibilities are endless to infinity and beyond
Behind that skin where vessels connect a dense network of lies
With the heart pumping life into them with every pint of blood
As the cells engrave all these false belief in their DNA

Who are You?
When the media is no longer social
Because due to it, beings have become introverted
And the blue bird gets tired of the follows
It’s wings wearing out and it can’t fly anymore
Meanwhile due to the continuous feeding of photos
The gram gains more weight to become a kilo
Closely after whatsapp comes down in grief
After the sad news that the book with a face got burned to ashes
Not forgetting Google who gets amnesia forgetting everything he knows

Who are You?
That moment when them lungs are begging for air
While the heart gets tired of pumping the lies around
And the line between this life and the next one
Seems thinner than it usually is but still drawn
When everything you hold on to and think you have fades
Those deemed as friends becoming something close to zombies
And the melanin that gives skin it’s color
Light or dark, Chocolate or Albino
Also fading with that last breath
As dust returns to dust
To the beholder who in his beauty
Lies your image in his own likeness
As You Are